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Keep every penny of your rights and royalties


Free ISRC and UPC codes for every release


Request payments directly to your bank account

Youtube Channel Monetization

From YouTube channel optimization, audience growth strategies to digital rights management.

Earnings and Reporting

Check and access your detailed information about your revenues generated by distribution, videos and royalties.

Account Manage

If you do not have any Knowledge about youtube, No Worries. Now our Geet Digital expert manage and optimize your channel on your behalf.

Digital Distribution

Distribute your music to major streaming platforms, online radios and online stores and track your data analytics on real time.


We're not a record label, but a digital Distributor in the music industry.

GeetDigital is a full-stack premium music platform. A full service powerhouse
for established artists, songwriters, managers, labels and publishers.

Protect your image and music on YouTube and monetize the usage of your content on third party channels and UGC(User generated content).

From YouTube channel optimization, audience growth strategies to digital rights management.

Aisa's Largest Content Aggregator

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GeetDigital is an arising innovation arrangement organization with prime spotlight on ICT/Digital Marketing and Strategy. Since Our origin in 2015, WE have had the option to have our impressions across IT/Digital industry and Mobile administrators in Pakistan, and International. We ace the craft of computerized advertising just as advanced substance collection. Regardless of whether you are a craftsman or an organization, it is our center errand to guarantee the world knows you and your substance.


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